EDEN Health Skin Study

EDEN Health Skin Study


Information for Participants


The questionnaire is divided into three parts:

  1. Demographic data
  2. Medical history
  3. History of exposure to products containing fragrances

Patch test

The patch test is a specific test for the diagnosis of contact allergies. It consists of patches kept on the skin for 48 hours, and then removed. After 24 hours from removal, an experienced dermatologist will inspect the area of application to identify a skin reaction to any of the applied substances. These will be substances that come into contact with the skin in everyday life, and that are present in objects of common use, such as metals or fragrances. These substances do not cause any adverse reactions in most people. A positive test is characterised by the presence of reddening and localised itching.

A total of 50 allergens (6 patches) will be patch tested.

Application sequence

Patch test

patch test

Application area

patch test area

Patch application

patch test application

Marking the position

for reading

patch test marking

Protective tape


patch test cover tape

Patch maintenance

for 48 hours

Rules to be followed:

  • Keep the patch dry, in place and protected
  • Not sun bathe
  • Not to shower or bathe
  • Restrain from physical work
  • Not wear close-fitting

Patch removal after 48 hours

patch test removal

Patch test reading after 24 hours from removal

patch test reading

Possible allergic

patch test reactions